Thinking of starting your own clothing line or brand?


         As the owner of a screen printing and embroidery business, one of the most common questions people ask is, “how can I start a brand-clothing line?” In the age of information, with constant marketing using content, social media, and target marketing, it has become increasingly difficult to, not only start up, but successfully maintain a brand or clothing line.
        The first question you need to ask yourself is why? What’s your purpose? What’s your goal? Who’s important, and what do they represent? Who are the early adopters, and what is the look based on? Take a deep, long look into the leaders you want to be represented by because the masses will always follow in correlation with what they represent.
        Secondly, you must be willing to give away a lot of free product for promotional purposes, which means YOU will have to pay for it. Getting yourself out there is the most important step in being recognized whether it be setting up a booth at festivals, promoting artists, or online contests/raffles through social media.
        With the market becoming increasingly saturated online, competition is becoming more and more difficult to not only start up but maintain. Different skills and leadership traits are required for both aspects, and it may be smart to bring on someone who can properly balance out your weaknesses in these fields. Take this into consideration for other skill sets as well, such as designing, communication, finance and manufacturing. A proper match can be a powerful force to stand out from the other guys.
        Another lesser used form of purchasing and promoting is the good ol’ fashion brick-and-mortar store. Though this will take additional investing, it will give you a physical location where both current and future followers can establish a relationship with the lifestyle of the brand. A brand such as ‘Supreme’ may not have many stores, but the passion of their customer draws them to their doorstep from miles around.

        The last tip I can give is to keep up with the times. You always want to know what your followers are passionate about and can find common ground with. This is also true for your brand; whatever works keep using and push harder.
        In knowing your purpose, and keeping these check-list items in your brands business plan, you can at least sleep a little better at night knowing what you’re getting into, why you’re doing it, and that you have the core knowledge in what it takes to stand out from the crowd.