Hayden George

Hayden George is the President and Founder here Nectar Ink. Hayden started off his journey attending the Cuyahoga Valley Career Center, where he became certified in Graphic Imaging Technology in 2015. Shortly after, he began exploring industry careers that ranged from off-set printed paper goods to vinyl wrapped vehicles. Eventually, Hayden found himself in screen printing and after a couple of years, started to see some pitfalls and negligence in the companies where he worked, so he decided to do something about it. Since its official birth in December of 2018, Hayden has been working hard to make Nectar Ink not just the highest quality apparel manufacturer, but also the most diligent in regards to both customer loyalty and employee care. In his free time, you can find Hayden rock climbing, reading or studying Italian.

Alisha Uguccini

Alisha is a Cleveland based artist and photographer, who specializes in designing content for local bands such as flyers, stickers and band T's. Alisha is a full time screen printer herself, and works as both our sales representative and content creator here at Nectar Ink. Alisha is the glue that holds our media together and makes it so special and unique.